EnviroLogik® uses EPA registered disinfectants in our B SANITIZED disinfection and sanitizing program.  These eliminate pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and fungi which can harm your patrons and staff and damage your business reputation. Let us take the worry out of your day by sanitizing indoor and outdoor areas and service and delivery vehicles, protecting your clientele and staff and increasing consumer confidence.

EnviroLogik® technicians apply B CLEAN, an EPA registered disinfectant that eliminates harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi.  Our technicians perform this Deep Sanitizing service using a ULV electric fogger providing state of the art protection.

For daily sanitizing, EnviroLogik® technicians can provide easy to use scented or unscented DISINFECTANT FOGGERS that can automatically release their powerful contents at the end of business hours to ensure a clean and safe workplace the next day.


EnviroLogik® uses naturally occurring “good bacteria” to consume the fats, oils, and grease (FOG) you produce – like probiotics for your business! Much less FOG goes into your drain lines, and the by-products are just water and some CO2. We introduce this live vegetative bacteria manually or automatically into your drain system to maintain optimal effectiveness.

We will monitor your grease trap to ensure effectiveness and confirm compliance with local ordinances and regulations. This normally allows the grease traps to be pumped out less often, reducing annual service costs and keeping excess oil out of the landfill!

We can install a Kitchen Oil Wizard™ to recover used oil before it enters the drain line. You can sell this oil, helping to offset the cost of our services, or even use it to fuel your ENVIROHEAT® water heater, boiler or A/C unit!

We can filter your fryer oil to extend its life, improve food quality, and decrease operating costs.

We teach you and your staff Best Practices so they can help to reduce drain line and odor issues and become responsible stewards of the environment.

We offer mechanical drain jetting and pressure cleaning services or we can refer a local provider.


Wikipedia’s definition is “a congealed mass in a sewer system formed by the combination of non-biodegradable solid matter, such as wet wipes, and congealed grease or cooking fat. Fatbergs became a problem around 2010 in England, because of aging Victorian sewers and the rise in usage of disposable (so-called flushable) cloths.”

“Grease and fat blockages can cause sanitary sewer overflows, in which sewage is discharged into the environment without treatment. In the United States, almost half of all sewer blockages are caused by grease.”

“Fatbergs can be mitigated through public awareness campaigns about flushable waste and grease traps for filtration at the source. Campaigns have been launched against wet wipes because of their effect on sewer systems.”

“Fatbergs occur in sewer systems around the globe, in cities and smaller towns. Giant fatbergs have blocked sewers in London, New York, Denver, Valencia and Melbourne.”

READ MORE:   Arlington, VA   –   New York Post  –   NPR   –   Kansas City Star   –   Evening Standard


EnviroLogik® uses multiple strains of “good bacteria” to eat sugars and starches from beverage dispensers and food preparation. Again, we can introduce the bacteria manually or automatically into your drain lines for optimal effectiveness.


EnviroLogik® supplies hospitality and service industry businesses Fine Particle Strainers™ (FPS) and LockDown Strainers™ to keep most solids from going down drains at restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, and other types of establishments. Our Kitchen Oil Wizard™ will filter 99% of food waste and other particles and remove free-floating oil from your wash water.


EnviroLogik® utilizes beneficial bacteria in drip dispensers, urinal screens, and/or gel to digest uratic salts from urine deposits in restroom drain lines. Our bacteria keep urinals flowing freely and while eliminating offensive bathroom odors. Unlike most other products available, our urine products are non-toxic and do not corrode to plumbing hardware or pipes.


EnviroLogik® products bind to odor molecules to eradicate them at the source. We (or your staff!) can spray our odor solutions manually, or we can install automatic misters or large-area foggers to treat offensive smells from drain lines, grease traps, restrooms, production areas, dumpsters, and loading docks.


Don’t use toxic poisons or pesticides to get rid of unwanted insects. At EnviroLogik® we use “beneficial bacteria” to rid your establishment of drain flies (also called fruit flies, sewer gnats, or sink flies). Our bacteria clean your drains by digesting any accumulated organic material thus destroying the breeding grounds of these annoying critters! Odor control is included, and we manually clean and spray drains when necessary.


Thousands of municipalities and private companies around the country already use the EnviroLogik ®DipStick Pro™. Our indispensable, easy to use tool measures water, grease, and solids in grease traps, ensuring that the traps are effective and that the business is complying with regulations, avoiding fines and surcharges. You can purchase one to monitor and report your compliance requirements or we will provide this as a regular service.
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