The EnviroLogik® pressure cleaning program uses EnviroWash™all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, and odor neutralizer to keep your facility in top shape at very affordable prices. Ideal for Dumpsters and trash compactors, loading docks, outdoor patios and decks, parking lots and garages, warehouse floors, kennels, restrooms and locker rooms, indoor and outdoor production, or rendering areas, garbage barrels, heavy equipment, and much more.

Hydro Jetting is a method we use to initially clean clogged or slow drain lines. A hose and specialized nozzle are fed through your drain line from the outside grease trap or cleanout; as we slowly remove it a pulsing blast of water at high pressure draws out any blockages and build up. Your grease trap is pumped afterward, and you start your EnviroLogik® service with “a clean slate”!

EnviroLogik offers mechanical drain jetting
EnviroLogik offers pressure cleaning to keep your business sanitized and looking pristine.
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