If visitors notice foul odors when walking in your front door or entering the restroom, they certainly won’t think your location is clean and well-run! Almost all commercial odor control products will only mask offensive smells, substituting sickly-sweet, often overpowering vanilla, citrus or berry for a short time.

Logically, you must remove the actual sources to eliminate noticeable odors.

EnviroLogik®’s odor control products harness the power of science, using large molecules designed to surround and remove odor particles from the air. We include natural essential oils to leave your choice of light, fresh smells in place. Our scientific developments and years of experience bring true odor elimination products to you, ensuring that nasty odors from production, garbage, drains and restrooms are no longer a concern for you.

EnviroWash™ is an all-purpose cleaner and odor neutralizer for use with a water hose, also works great as pre-treatment for heavily-soiled dumpsters, processing areas, loading docks, trash chutes, parking lots, etc., before power-washing.

Odor E-liminator™ is a concentrated odor counteraction product, proven to eliminate even the strongest odors from restrooms, smoke, dumpsters, vomit, garbage, grease traps, septic systems, and more. Available in 1-gallon bottles of Original, Spring Mint, Fresh, and Cottage Breeze scents.

Environmental Biotech's Metered Air Fresheners

Our Metered Air Fresheners automatically dispenses just the right amount of essential oil fragrance to scientifically counteract odors and keep your restrooms or other areas smelling fresh and clean! Available in French Vanilla and Fresh Linen, each refill lasts a full 30 days.

Just one drop of Fresh Drops “Red Clover Tea” revitalizing essential oil will freshen cars and rooms and eliminate nasty odors. Also great for vacuum filters, A/C filters, pet bedding, rugs, garages, and more – the list is endless! The handy size is easy to carry anywhere for instant results.

The unique environmentally-friendly ingredients in Odor Free™ work on pet and other odors indoors and outdoors, leaving everything smelling fresh for a long time.

The unique environmentally-friendly ingredients in Odor Free™ work on pet and other odors indoors and outdoors, leaving everything smelling fresh for a long time. Spraying Odor Free™ around the problem area doesn’t just mask odors temporarily, it scientifically eliminates them from the air! It is safe to use all-around your home or business, in animal cages, on bedding, and more.

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