EnviroLogik's Fine Particle Strainer keeps solids from blocking drain lines.

The Fine Particle Strainer (FPS) is a simple, inexpensive high-quality system that removes 99% of food waste, coffee grounds, and other particles from drain lines before they pass into the wastewater system. Removing these particles reduces clogs, odors, costly service calls and fines, and fees from municipal utility authorities.

This works beautifully for food and beverage businesses and commercial kitchens and anywhere solids might go into the drain lines, particularly hair salons, dog groomers, and medical offices.


EnviroLogik's Lock Down Strainers prevent solids from clogging drain lines.

About half of all backups in commercial kitchens are caused by solid items, not food waste. Open floor drains and vent stacks allow food and foreign objects to enter drain lines, causing unsanitary and expensive clogs and backups. Some floor drains were designed with strainer baskets to collect food waste and other debris, but the employees like to remove them so they don’t have to clean out the baskets daily.

By installing LockDown Strainers in all floor drains, the majority of these blockages can be eliminated. These LockDown Strainers are easy to clean and difficult to remove, making them terrific for restaurants, hair salons, car washes, auto service centers, and pet groomers.


EnviroLogik's Kitchen Oil Wizard removes food particles and free-floating oil from wastewater

The strainer basket on the EnviroLogik® Kitchen Oil Wizard catches most food particles as it removes free-floating oil from wastewater. The basket is very easy to empty and contents can be composted or disposed of in garbage receptacles.

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