Businesses alone are not the problem, Google ‘fatberg’ or click this link for more info!

Many businesses including restaurants and auto service centers use grease traps to reduce the amount of FOG and solids they pass into the wastewater stream.

“Grease traps have been in use since Victorian times, with the first patent for a modern day grease trap issued to Nathaniel Whiting in the late 1800s. Grease traps vary in size, with smaller variations designed to connect individual sinks and larger ones installed to service larger facilities. The definition of a grease trap is “a trap in a drain or waste pipe to prevent grease from passing into a sewer system.” A grease trap is in simple terms a plumbing fixture that contains decomposing food waste.”

– GreaseCylce

Most grease traps are not very effective in keeping FOG under control. Some grease traps are too small or too large for the amount of waste flowing from the business (too large is absolutely a problem!). Lots of grease traps are poorly designed, poorly constructed, or just not working. Business operators generally don’t watch the grease trap so it is often clogged or overfull, which allows oil and grease to flow directly into the waste lines.

Specialized grease pumpers, grease trap cleaners, and plumbers are available for short-term reactive service. Of course, a restaurant or auto center could have their employees clean the grease trap themselves, although it is one of the most disgusting tasks in any business! To avoid these problems, some businesses have their grease traps pumped way more often than they need to, which adds to their operational costs. Another point to consider is that this mix of wastewater, grease, and solids must be dumped somewhere…

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EnviroLogik examines your business operation and determines your actual needs, providing a customized ‘cradle to grave’ solution for your FOG, solids, and odor challenges. There is no charge for our inspection and analysis, and we only suggest services that are safe, beneficial, and necessary for your business and the environment. Information, specialized equipment, and ‘Probiotics for your business’ – EnviroLogik® offers natural, proactive, and super-effective solutions!

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