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Pet Grooming Business

I have a floor mat that I keep by the front door in the waiting area. It had a pet stain on it and I couldn’t get the smell out. Every time the sun would shine on it, we could smell it. I used Urine Free and even the other dogs that come in stopped sniffing around the rug. It completely eliminated the odor. I recommend it to my clients and anyone else who has a pet-oriented business.

As a dog groomer and overall animal lover, I have to deal with pet stains on a regular basis. I am very happy with Urine Free, it is a great product, it’s safe for the animals and eliminates the odor that can stick around long after the mess is cleaned up. My lobby sees quite a few dogs and after using Urine Free, even they have stopped sniffing in places where other dogs have marked. It makes me feel good knowing that my boutique is completely clean.

Colleen DePaw, Proprietor
DePaw Place

Food Court

Food Courts in a Major Shopping Mall

I have been the operations manager at Pearlridge Center for the last 4 years. At the time I assumed this position, the center was installing four separate, large-capacity grease interceptors to service both of our food courts as well as a few other food service establishments on the property.

Soon after this project began, we were striving to find the best way possible to maintain these interceptors, keeping them within the guidelines set by the city regarding the percentages of oils and solids (flushed), monitoring them on a regular basis and pumping them as required. As well as ensuring that all of this would be properly documented in a log for each of the units that the city inspectors could easily understand when they come to inspect.

While talking about servicing our used cooking oil, shortly after the first interceptor was completed, I was referred to Environmental Biotech. This is when I met Jackie Anderson. She and her staff have been exactly what we were looking for to meet these needs and more.

The amounts of solids and oil going into the traps were causing us to have them pumped more frequently than we had hoped. Costing the tenants their share of the 5,000-gallon pump out. To remedy this situation, Jackie and her staff have conducted training for the tenants to educate them on how to properly dispose of solids and oils when possible, to avoid the cost of frequent pumping.

Also, they have since installed grease eradication systems in a number of the establishments, that consists of bacteria that eats the grease in the pipes, keeping them clear and reducing the risk of future backups as well as controlling levels of grease in the traps. This alone has saved us thousands of dollars each year.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the staff and management of Environmental Biotech for their diligence in managing our systems and would recommend them to anyone in need of these services.

Operations Manager
Pearlridge Center

Wentworth Institute of Technology

115-Year Old College is Extremely Pleased

Since December of 1997, the Wentworth Institute of Technology has been working with Environmental Biotech of Boston on FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) issues within the facility. One GES system was installed in the initial phase and over the years has developed into two additional GES, one SES, the monitoring of grease traps, and four odor control systems.

After the development of our existing program, throughout the years, the Wentworth Institute of Technology has continuously used Environmental Biotech and will do so for the foreseeable future.

The Wentworth Institute of Institute of Technology remains extremely pleased with the business relationship with Environmental Biotech. I am happy to recommend their services. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Mechanical Coordinator
Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

Wendy's franchise owners choose EnviroLogik Products

Fast Food Operators are Big Fans!

Environmental Biotech has been handling our plumbing needs at our restaurants in North and South Carolina for over 7 years. Mr. Davis has always been able to respond to my utmost emergencies; and even my problems that are not so urgent. He has always provided our organization with polite and professional service. I would recommend Environmental Biotech, Inc. to any property owner, restaurant group, or property management group for any of their plumbing drain line needs.

Service Manager
Carolina Restaurant Group (Wendy’s)

I’m a franchisee for several Wendy’s restaurants and have been using the service from Environmental Biotech for over 12 years and the service and lack of drain problems bas been outstanding. Before using this service, we had numerous drain problems throughout the year.

I would recommend this company and the service they provide to anyone.

Wendwise Corp. (Wendy’s)

South San Antonio Independent School District uses EnviroLogik Products

School Cafeteria Kitchens Free from Grease Blockage

Environmental Biotech has provided services to South San Antonio ISD-Food Service Department since 2002. The services provided have helped keep kitchen drain lines clear and free from grease blockage. The department has been satisfied with the services provided and has extended the contract for the coming school year.

Assistant Food Service Director
South San Antonio Independent School District

New Courtland Senior Services uses EnviroLogik products

Call for Anything Related to Drain Lines and Odor Prevention

Environmental Biotech was introduced to the NewCourtland Elder Services Network in the winter of 2003. The facility they began servicing, as all of our facilities, had specific concerns when it came to the drain line system. The success they had at the first facility was convincing enough to extend their service to cover all of the NewCourtland-owned facilities.

Investigating, surveying, and identifying where their Live Vegetative Bacteria should enter the drain line system has had numerous positive effects at each location. One location faced laundry room clogs on a regular basis. Another of our buildings ran into flooding (problems) when it rained. A third had a grease trap that failed but had gone unnoticed because the leakage was seeping into the ground below. No matter what the situation has been, Environmental Biotech has been able to solve our headaches where others have not.

Working with this company has allowed us to address the immediate needs of our buildings. In the long term, we are confident that NewCourtland facilities will not have to replace kitchen drain lines. The bacteria that Environmental Biotech has introduced has allowed us to stop snaking out drain lines. Snaking out 50-year old lines can be taxing on their strength. Pro-actively maintaining them has increased the life span of our drain line systems.

As my Maintenance Directors know, they can call Environmental Biotech for anything related to drain lines or odor prevention. They have helped coordinate emergency plumbing repairs, and with the same dedication, helped us rid our kitchens of drain flies. I would recommend Environmental Biotech to anyone who has an industrial kitchen searching for proactive drain line solutions.

Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
NewCourtland Elder Services

Lowe's Motor Speedway uses EnviroLogik Products

Racing to Serve Lowe's Moto Speedway

I would like to extend a sincere thank you for all the help your company provided Lowe’s Motor Speedway (LMS) over the past several years. The level of service has been a tremendous asset. It has minimized problems with our sewer lines during all of our major events. Environmental Biotech is one of the most conscientious contractors whom LMS utilizes. Whenever a problem arises, your leadership and the staff’s skills rise to the demand to quickly and effectively resolve the issues.

As Director of Development for LMS, I would recommend Environmental Biotech of to anyone in need of professional environmental services. Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Director of Development
Lowe’s Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC

JRN Inc., KFC uses EnviroLogik Products

KFC is Thrilled with Service!

I am pleased to write a letter on behalf of Environmental Biotech to my KFC friends. John Maxwell and his people have been great to work with and their products are very effective.

We have been working with John and using Environmental Biotech products since November 1996. I believe what they are doing really works. Since using Environmental Biotech, we have definitely had fewer plumbing calls. In addition, the city inspector is very complimentary of their work.

Regional Manager
JRN, Inc.

Mountain States Health Alliance uses EnviroLogik Products

Immediate Response and First-Rate Performance with Courtesy

Johnson City Medical center has done business with Environmental Biotech for the past 10 years and has found their performance to be first-rate. In emergency situations that call for immediate response, minutes can mean the difference between a containable situation and an out of control situation. Environmental Biotech has consistently responded in a timely manner to our calls.

The work environment in a hospital is different from any other setting in that professionalism and attention to detail are critical qualities that are required of our contractors. Environmental Biotech has always provided professional, courteous staff to answer our service calls. I would recommend Environmental Biotech without hesitation.

Site Manager, Engineering Services
Mountain States Health Alliance

The Johnson City Country Club uses EnviroLogik Products

Outstanding Service and Business Advice

Thanks for the outstanding service that Environmental Biotech has provided to the Johnson City Country Club. The drainage problems that we experienced continually three years ago seem to be non-existent today due to the drain treatment process that your company is providing. Your interface and reputation with the City of Johnson City managers governing waste removal have enhanced the club’s proactive position for handling liquid wastes in a responsible manner. We are also very appreciative of your company’s technical abilities to resolve troublesome sewer plumbing problems that develop with aging sewer piping.

You and your employees have met the challenge on numerous occasions, to keep operations going while renovating old failing piping systems. We have developed confidence in your employees to be able to implement corrective measures to our sewer problems.

Your professional guidance has been a true asset to my job at the Johnson City Country Club. It is reassuring to know that we have your support services at our disposal on a moment’s notice. We recommend your services to anyone in the Tri-Cities Area.

Facilities Superintendent
The Johnson City Country Club

The Hawaii Prince hotel Waikiki and Golf Club uses EnviroLogik Products

Glowing Recommendation from Hotel and Golf Club

The Hawaii Prince Hotel and Golf Club have been using Environmental Biotech’s grease management services since 2000. Prior to Environmental Biotech’s biweekly services, we would encounter numerous kitchen drain clogs that would create slip hazards and costly drain clearing and grease trap pumping expenses, which have now been greatly reduced.

Environmental Biotech not only has provided their consistent grease management technical services but more importantly their sincere effort in providing grease management awareness training for our management team and employees. This training program has educated everyone that grease is a common problem not only for our facilities, but their lack of grease control could also create costly drain and plumbing repair expenses for their homes.

I have nothing but good things to say about Environmental Biotech and would strongly recommend their grease management program. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can share additional information.

Director of Engineering
Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki and Golf Club

Elite Property Management uses EnviroLogik Products

Great Responsive Service for Multi-tenant Commercial Building

This letter is to recommend Environmental Biotech of Hawaii. We have relied upon them for three years to maintain our plumbing systems at the Remington College Building on Bishop Street in downtown Honolulu. Our building is forty years old and heavily used by a mix of tenants including offices, a college campus, and retail and restaurant commercial tenants.

Environmental Biotech provides our building with weekly treatment of toilets, urinals, and drains with concentrated bacteria formula to eliminate uric acid crystal buildup and related odors. They also treat a basement lift station to eradicate grease and odors on a biweekly schedule. The reduction in odors has been dramatic.

I relied on their expertise to review and make recommendations for a new common tenant grease trap which we are presently installing on the property.

I am very happy with the service we receive from the entire staff at Environmental Biotech, they are very responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.

Vice President
Elite Property Management, Honolulu HI

Chick-fil-a uses EnviroLogik Products

Environmental Biotech Keeps Chick-fil-A Flowing!

Since we started to use your service, we haven’t had any problems with our drains. It’s important when someone (a company or person) provides a service that they get feedback, so here it is.

Anytime I have a problem or a question, your people are always professional & courteous. The prompt service that I get is an example for other service-oriented companies to follow. You now service our grease traps, drains & inspection thereof. Once again, Environmental Biotech has surpassed all else in yet another service industry. Great job!

General Manager
Chick-fil-A, Charlotte, NC

Benihana of Tokyo Honolulu HI uses EnviroLogik products.

No More Backups at Benihana!

Before using Environmental Biotech of Hawaii, we encountered floor drain backups on a frequent basis. Environmental Biotech knows their business and is always there to help whenever possible. The service employees are courteous and carry themselves professionally, and we have not had any problems with the bi-weekly service.

General Manager
Benihana of Tokyo, Honolulu, HI

The Amtrak Station at 30th Street uses EnviroLogik Products

Environmental Biotech solves Amtrak Station’s grease and oil woes.

Environmental Biotech was introduced to Amtrak’s 30th Street Station because the station had an increasing amount of food vendors. With these additional restaurant tenants, grease and oil started to become a problem, leading to many clogged lines.

Initially, Environmental Biotech was given only the main drain lines to service. The clogs in these mains soon slowed, and then altogether stopped. The Live Vegetative Bacteria was allowing my staff to work on plumbing repairs rather than clearing drains, which had become a weekly occurrence.

Less than a year into our relationship with Environmental Biotech, a restaurant tenant of ours called with a clogged sink. Because initial service called for treating main drain lines only, the restaurant’s branch drains still were having clogging problems. Our staff responded to the clog by auguring the backed-up sink.

Unfortunately, the drain line for this sink ran 30 feet above a railway, and the auguring of the drain created enough stress on the line to break it away; it fell and barely missed a high voltage power line by inches. The initial “snaking” of a drain wound up being a project that forced us to close off the train track, coordinate multiple contractors, and made us extremely conscious of our commuter’s safety.

After this incident, it has been my decision, along with the 30th Street Station’s Property Management Group to not allow any food vendor in our facility without using Environmental Biotech’s service. I would recommend Environmental Biotech to anyone who is responsible for an industrial kitchen or the problems associated with grease and oil.

Plumbing Foreman
Amtrak 30th Street Station

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