Don’t call a plumber every month or use dangerous chemicals!

EnviroLogik’s® products are naturally effective!

Many are EPA “Safer Choice” certified!

EnviroLogik® – Taking care of our Environment is Logikal!

EnviroLogik® delivers effective and economical long-term solutions based on:


EnviroLogik® offers FOG Control education and certification programs for food and beverage managers and employees. We teach the industry’s Best Practices to reduce problems, ensure compliance, improve operating efficiencies, and keep the workplace healthy. Even if you aren’t a nature freak, tree-hugger, or Greenpeace activist, wouldn’t it great to use super-effective natural solutions to prevent or solve your problems? Solutions that are economical and safe for your neighbors and for the environment? That’s what we thought!


Our success may be our biggest challenge! Our Drain Line service program will ensure that your drain lines will flow well and you won’t see or smell the problems again, so you might think that you no longer need us. You might forget the pain of the problems you had before EnviroLogik® stepped in to resolve your issues. Since you can’t see what we do inside the drain lines you might be tempted to stop our services.

You might not believe that natural products can be effective. You have probably seen ‘amazing new’ products that haven’t worked as advertised, but our “good bacteria” and odor control products do work great and are economical and safe!


EnviroLogik®‘s comprehensive service program leverages our proprietary products and equipment and the methodologies that we have developed in nearly 30 years in business. We don’t have:

One-size-fits-all products, or
Standard treatments without customized solutions, or
Short-term reactive service, or
Harsh chemicals and scented sprays

We do have amazing science and experience! We will educate you and your employees so they can help prevent future problems! We offer a complete “cradle to grave’ FOG solution! No one does it all the way EnviroLogik® will.

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